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Get started with our logo creation app. Our free plan comes with 20MB of storage, over 180,000 icons, and a variety of tweaks for your logo. Our logo creator caters to everyone and everything. Want to get a heads up on our what we have coming up?
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Our always free plan is good enough for most folks but if you're an agency, small business or own multiple businesses, you can always plan ahead with our premium plan that gives you the extra oomph for that powered creative freedom with 1 gigabyte of storage, over 300,000 icons at just $19 a month.
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Free Logo & Asset Maker + Over 300k Icons, 1000 Google Fonts & more

Logo Creator by Kanda Brand

Quick Overview

Our Logo/Asset Creator works across multiple brand niches with over 300,000 icons to pick from.

A. Create your logo and manage assets B. (coming soon) C. (coming soon)

Up to 1,000 Google Fonts for All Use Cases

With 1,000 Google fonts to choose from, you are spoiled with options (70 fonts in Basic Free and up to a thousand with a premium subscription). Select the fonts of your choice from the designated fonts page and they will be made available in the editor to use right away .You are welcome to use logos and assets you create on Kanda Brand to your liking in both commercial and personal use case. Remember businesses reserve the right to their logos even though they may appear in our repository for use in your branding strategy.

Unlimited Logo and Asset Color Variations 

Download multiple color variations of your logo. Editor your logo to your heart's content. Tutorials on how to create a perfect logo for your business will be upcoming on


Not all logo icons/assets downloaded can have their colors changed.

Kinda Brand Like A, B, C.

A. Grab your icons/assets, B. Head to Editor and combine your downloaded icons/assets C. Download your finished logo.

Do even more with access to more icons, unlimited projects, assets from PixaBay and more storage.

Icons and Assets For Everyone and Anyone

Our always free plan comes with a generous 180,000 icons for most use cases. For those that want to go on a logo & assets creation craze, we have the premium plan with over 300,000 icons. With the added ability to save your projects indefinitely, we're able to accommodate hundreds to thousands of projects for every individual account. Head over to our simple pricing to learn more.

Why Choose Us

Long Term Storage

All our plans come with a storage you can count on. 20MB when you sign up for our free plan so you create the occasional logo. Want to go on a logo craze? Then you can sign up for our Premium plan at $19.99 a month and get a 1GB of storage yearly. Want even more storage? Contact us!

Icons, Icons more Icons

Over 180,000 icons are made available in our Free plan. Over 300,000 icons available in our Premium plan. Explore your creative freedom limitlessly. Our free plan is great for the occasional user but you can always do more as an agency, small business and more. Check our our comparison here.

Intuitive and Ready

Forget the clunky UI (user interface) you're probably accustomed to. At Kanda Brand, we've gone far and wide to create an application with an intuitive dashboard interface that is generally satisfactory across the board. Do the most important thing, creating a logo and running away with it. No BS!

Always Free and More

Our logo maker will always be available for everyone to use. You only need to upgrade if you want more storage with a few more options to spice up your logo creation process. Both free and paid versions will continue to receive updates.

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a. Assets, Logos, Templates, Editor, Google Fonts and Pixabay (more features in development)

b. coming soon

c. coming soon

Kinda Brand Like A, BC

Kanda Brand is extensive and useful but it's only a gateway to more services and tools from the team at WPWakanda, LLC. Narrow down your options for Kanda Brand so you can quickly get a hang of the application. 

Asset Creator

Logos aren't enough - you can add as many icons to your library so you can combine them to create different assets for your new web project. 

Logo Creator

Create an unlimited number of logos for your different projects. Only pay for storage a few extra features that are oriented towards businesses and agencies.

Media Library

Your logos can be saved to be accessed later. 20MB is available for our free users. For more storage, feel free to upgrade.

Image Editor

Our image editor will help you add those extra touches you didn't know you needed. Feel free to enjoy the process of creating your entra ordinary logo or asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions about Kanda Brand and you're welcome to add to it. Just contact us from your bottom left corner.
Photo by Tim Mossholder
There are no restrictions whatsoever to the items you create using our Kanda Brand platform. There are only but unlimited possibilities with your imagination
We think there's more to logo creation than just a quick grab and go like our free option allows you. You can extend your creative ability by importing images directly from Pixabay, create unlimited projects, access more icons - over 300,000 icons (180k in Basic Free plan), more storage, and early access to new features for just $19.99
Icons are available at very high resolutions but they can be adjusted to our editor canvas to make editing easier. You can dowload multiple assets/icons and overlay them as you like in the editor
THe projects and Library (for PixaBay imports) pages are for both premium items and are not available under the basic plan.
Once you've signed up for a free account, you will be able to log in and use your

Coming Soon!

We're getting our apps ready. 
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